Jacob is a team lead and software/information platform engineer at Cardinal Health and a data analyst mentor at Thinkful. He has a background in Alteryx, MS Excel, Power BI, SQL, and Tableau. Jacob has experience with Power Automate, Python, and Salesforce. He has worked on Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC), internal audit, project management (e.g., Agile, Scrum, Market-Based Management), and research teams. Additionally, he has had exposure to a variety of industries including business development, energy, event management, finance, healthcare, legal, and research. Jacob has been employed by non-profits and start-ups to Fortune 15 and 500 companies.

Jacob has a bachelor of arts in economics from George Mason University and excels at applying economic reasoning to complex issues in business and public policy. He enjoys creating solutions and strategies to improve throughput, decrease costs, and improve the bottom line. Jacob has an aptitude leveraging the economic way of thinking with industry knowledge for sound decision making. He enjoys coordinating with teams to re-evaluate processes and develop new skills to help organizations scale within the scope of their mission and values.

Jacob’s primary focus is helping companies evaluate opportunity cost and maximize value creation, eliminate waste and automate processes, and identify areas to invest in innovation and technologies that could support an organization’s objectives.


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